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PTK Goes free for all iOS and Mac platforms

What is PTK?

PTK is a game engine, also called a SDK (Software Development Kit) that helps you make your own games easily. PTK is a multi-platform 2D game engine with 3D capabilities built around OpenGL or Direct 3D accelerated hardware, however, it is also possible to create 3D multi platform games with OpenGL. (Just use the PTK framework to handle the multi-platform work and concentrate on the game!) It has been designed to be as simple as possible; PTK can be used by a wide variety of users: from the most experienced programmers to the newbie aspiring game programmers. If you can program in Basic, you can use it! It just requires a very basic knowledge of C++ and of course a C++ Compiler. If you fit the requisite experience just mentioned, PTK is for you. You can download the demo for free and test all its functionality to see if you like working with PTK.

Click here to see a list of games created with PTK and comments from developers using it.

What customers are saying about PTK

"PTK allowed us to focus on the game itself, parts that are visible to the customer -- visuals, effects and gameplay. thanks to PTK, atlantis was produced in two months" -- Emmanuel Marty, Funpause Games
"I have prototyped a game in only 45 minutes!" Mike Boeh/Retro64 (USA)
"don't waste money in complex tools. This is the best buy!!"--Winterwolves. (Italy).
"Thanks to PTK, I'm able to sell games like this" -- JM (France)
"I ported my work in progress from DDraw to PTK in about 24 hours, and gained 25-30fps in the process. PTK is worth every penny." MF/Laughing Dragon (USA)
"I downloaded the PTK evaluation about a month ago and couldn't believe how simple it was to use ... you have managed to hit exactly the right level of abstraction. " RH (UK)
"I am very excited to be using such a great product. I searched for months for a product like this but when I found it I had no reason to look for anything else! " FM (South Africa)

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