KWebCam grabs frames from a webcam. ( 320x240x16bpp )

Not available on mac OS X yet.

Note that it is not possible to change the size of the grabbing in the current version.

includes :

#include "KWebCam.h"

Library :

Microsoft Windows:

Mac OS X:
Quick Reference


char* getCameraInfo( long index ) ;
Returns the name of a camera ( range 0 to 9 ).
Returns NULL if no camera is available.

Example :
KWebCam *webCam ;
webCam = new KWebCam ;
char *cameraName = webCam->getCameraInfo( 0 ) ; //retrieves the name of the first camera

bool setCamera( HWND parentWindow , long index ) ;
Selects the camera for future grabbing.

Example :
webCam->setCamera( KWindow::getWindowHandle() , 0 ) ;

unsigned short *getPixels( void ) ;

Returns the adress of the pixel buffer.
The pixel buffer is a 320x240x16bpp buffer.

Example :
unsigned short *pixelBuffer ;
pixelBuffer = webCam->
getPixels( ) ;
if ( pixelBuffer == NULL ) { NoWebCamError() ; }

bool startCapture( long FrameEveryMicroseconds ) ;
Starts grabbing, the parameter represents the delay in microseconds between each frame.

Example :
webCam->startCapture( 1000000 ) ; //grab a frames every second.

void stopCapture( void )
stops the current capture session.

Example :
webCam->stopCapture() ;

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